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Molly's Magick Shoppe


"I had a reading with you here in indy on Feb 12, 2006.  It was the most empowering reading I have ever had. You cried with me and freed me from so many pains that day.  You helped change my life. I've been on a real spirtual path in the last couple of years and I finally have found myself.  I just want to thank you for helping me and for crying with me and letting me know that my childhood did happen the way I had felt." - Staci - Indianapolis, IN 
"The Intuitive Approach Tarot class provided me with the tools I needed to trust my messages.  Trusting them helped me learn to take myself out of the equation while doing a reading. 
I also want to thank you for showing me the door and giving me the key of empowerment to unlock it and the strength to walk through it.  You said the power and the strength was
there all along, but without you, I would have never found it.
Thank you for your wisdom and your guidance.  You helped me to get here and for that I am grateful." -- Myrna - Indianapolis, Indiana
"Molly's emotionally insightful, detailed readings always prepare me for what's coming up in the future. She is not gloom and doom. Even if she sees a difficult time coming up for me, she always provides guidance and advice regarding how to handle it. Without her help, I couldn't have made it through many trying times in my life, and I am forever grateful for her assistance. " -Amanda - Plainfield, Indiana
"Thanks for all your help & support these last few years.  You have helped me turn my life around." - Pat - Columbus, Indiana. 
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