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Molly's Magick Shoppe


Here are a list of great sites to help you along on your Spiritual journey!
World of Wisdom is THE BEST supplier of Metaphysical books and supplies that I have EVER seen!  It is located in Indianapolis, IN and they will ship anywhere in the United States.  The first link has a list of the majority of their products and gives you the opportunity to purchase via shopping cart or email.  The second link introduces you to their staff and shows photos and upcoming events.  If you are looking for candles, herbs, oils, statues, stones, sterling silver jewelry or whatever, contact World of Wisdom.  If you don't see what you want on their site, just call their toll free number and they will answer any questions you may have about product availability.  They will also special order those hard to find books!  Check them out!
Visit the metaphysical directory for a complete list of metaphysics related websites.  A great listing of services offered from the Metaphysical arena.  There is something for everyone here!

World Website Directory Directoryall Directory - A listing of everything you could possibly ever want anywhere in the world!  Comprehensive and easy to use! Web-Design / Development, 3/D Numerology, an Avatar Library and much more!


Review my Business at MyHuckleberry.Com - This is a GREAT site!  It connects service providers to consumers in their area for FREE (we love that word, right?).  Very nice site and you can write a review of the services I have provided to you. =)  If you do write me a review, let me know so I can give you a price break on your next service!


Cosmic Psychic Your One Stop Psychic Source. If its psychic, then we want to talk about it! Save Money and Save Time ~ Direct from the Source Prices - This site has some informative articles.  However, I haven't received a reading from any Psychic on the site. - The Women's Cafe - Enjoy fun stuff, webrings, site promotions, super cool tools, & so much more. - The Mystic Corner - Occult, Metaphysical, Witchcraft Supplies & Information


Shaman Search - The Occult Spiritual & Shamanism Directory - The Shaman Search Directory offers a range of well dedicated Occult, Shamanic Teachings and Spiritual websites, all being accessible from its online directory. You will be able to easily locate categorized websites offering specific and unique information. Websites and Articles will be posted by knowledgeable writers offering deep spiritual understanding and guidance related to Spiritual Advancement and Human Evolution. 

Wholesale Himalayan Salts - is a direct importer and wholesaler of Himalayan Salt Products, Candle Holders, and Skin Care Products.

stellarpsychic.jpg - This is an informative and comprehensive site on UFOs.  Only humans could be conceited enough to think we are alone in the Universe!  Also, this site links to a book at about listening to our higher selves and improve our lives!  Worth the read!


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