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Molly's Magick Shoppe


Each class listed below is comprised of 3, two hour sessions (usually one session per week for 3 weeks).  Prices noted are for the individual student.  If you are interested in a class for 2 or more (or a seminar for your group), please contact Molly at The Shadowed Realm.  Scheduling can be discussed as well as a reduced rate for each participant.  
You have the ability to pay for the entire class or on a per session basis.  Payments are accepted in cash or by credit card. 

Class List
Learning the Tarot - An Intuitive Approach
This class is designed to help you connect with your Spirit Guides and unlock your intuitive abilities in conjunction with the Tarot.  To accomplish this, we will start with a  brief history of the cards and their usage throughout the ages, then move on to an in-depth look at the meanings of each arcana, suit and individual card including symbolism, numerology & astrology. We will cover how to do a layout and perform a reading for yourself or someone else. 
Most importantly, you will learn how to open up to your Guides & Angels.  You will be instructed on how to use and trust your intuition while reading the Tarot and build confidence in yourself as a Spiritual being connected and having access to the wisdom of the Universe.  A positive learning experience for the beginning, intermediate or experienced reader.
Soul Messages - Awareness of the Guidance of the Universe in Your Life
We are all familiar with Soul Messages under the guise of varied titles:  Deja Vu, Synchronicities, Serendipity, gut feeling, messages from God, Miracles...but do we truly understand them?
The goal of this class is to enable the student to recognize when they are being guided by the Spirit realm (the Universe, God, Angels) and how to act on that Divine information.  You will learn about symbology, how messages are delivered, how to recognize them and how to apply their wisdom to your life for making decisions, accomplishing your greatest and highest good and attracting exactly what you need in your life.  If you are in a time of confusion or at a crossroads, this is the class for you!  Students of any level of Spiritual development are encouraged to take part.
Love and the Will - Consciously Bringing True and Genuine Love into Your Life
True Love is magick.  This class will guide the student in understanding Love in all its forms and how to use your Will to attain an increased flow of it in your life.  We will cover what Love really is, why we Love, who we Love and how we can change our environment, our life and our world with Love. 
This class is geared more toward the intermediate or advanced Spiritual student, but can be specialized for someone taking their beginning steps on their Spiritual path.
Spellcasting for Beginners
In this class you will be taught how to safely and correctly use the powers of spell work to achieve your goals.  Candles, moon phases, scents, altars, ritual tools, herbs, oils, visualization & meditation, karmic balance and responsibility will all be covered in these lessons. 
The focus is to equip you with the knowledge to perform magick in the highest and most successful manner and increase your knowledge of realms outside our everyday, physical reality.  The information is practical, useful and helpful, especially to those students who are interested in infusing magick into their life for the first time. 
Coming Soon:  The Art of the Soul - Creativity for Healing and Spiritual Growth

One Class (3 sessions - $15 savings over purchasing sessions individually!) - $60

One Session - $25

Raven - Native American

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