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Molly's Magick Shoppe

My first experience with Molly came through the wisdom of a dear friend who knew of my struggle after my husband had committed suicide. I had lost my faith and my way. Molly saved me that day. She had never met me, didn't know my name and didn't even know I would be coming that day. The universe cleared my schedule that morning at 6am that allowed  me the time to go with my friend, her daughter (who's husband the night before decided to take off work to keep her four small toddlers so she could have a day out with her mom and her teenage niece before school started).


As I entered the shop where Molly then worked I was skeptical--I was out to enjoy a much needed day from work and daily responsibilites. I was enjoying being with my friends looking forward to lunch at Olive Garden. This was a side trip for them and I was going have a psychic reading for the first time with the attiude it was just for fun!


That day I learned that everything was bigger then me. I was humbled and grateful for what came next. My belief system was renewed in an instant. Everything I believed about a higher being, God,  angels, spirits, guides everything was confirmed and renewed to me in a way I had never known. Before that day what I believed had been nothing but blind faith. What I was told that day and many times since has renewed and strengthened my faith. I have no doubt of how my life is guided daily and that if I stay on the proper path my life is wonderful and each day is better and better. It hasn't been an easy  path sometimes but it's definetly made me stonger, happier and I am at peace within myself.


The journey is never over but I can say that's worth getting up every morning for. I see the light within  and let it guide me these days. I know each day will be great.


Molly can help you open yourself up to the light as she did me so you too can follow your  God given path to peace and happiness in all areas of your life. It could be a job you love to finding that special person by helping you to understand yourself to allow good to come in.


Molly has been a blessing in my life. I am so grateful the universe brought us together.

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